3 Day Refresh RESULTS!

100% DONE.

And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

For anyone who hasn’t been following me over the past few days, I’ve been completing the 3 Day Refresh- a program that focuses on resetting your body for clean eating, getting garbage out and and getting loads of vitamins and hydration in. Was it always easy? No. Was it worth it? Totally.

A few people have asked me if I was hungry the whole time- not. at. all. The first day was rough with hunger, but I’m pretty sure that was actually my sugar cravings hard at work due to the “throw caution to the wind” way I had been eating on vacation during the previous week.


Starting weight (Wednesday morning): 137.8

Ending weight (Saturday morning): 133.2

High points: If you follow me on Facebook, you already know- the morning of day 3 (and, really, the morning of day 4) feel incredible. You feel lighter in the best way, cravings are gone, skin looks great, energy is high. I can totally understand why someone would do this multiple times. You know that feeling you have when you eat a ton of garbage and feel like a slug (kind of like I felt after my Oreos-dipped-in-Nutella binge on vacation)? The high points of the Refresh are like the opposite of that feeling.

Low points: End of day 1 was my lowest point, no doubt about it. If I hadn’t told my fellow coaches that I was doing the Refresh, I would have quit. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that the vast majority of them have already done it. I would have felt like a piece of crap leader if I couldn’t do it too (thanks ladies for all your cheerleading along the way). As far as the day-to-day, I found that late afternoon was a little bit tough, but this was only due to poor planning on my part. I should have brought my afternoon snack to work with me instead of having it when I got home.

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t see significant change in such a short period of time, but… looks like it all worked out (before on top, after on bottom):

3DR results

I will definitely be doing this again after holidays and vacations. It took that “I’ve got to get back on track” thing that can take months and squashed it into 3 days. Crazy happy with this process and the results.

Ready to refresh yourself? Send me a message, and let’s chat!

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