#TransformationTuesday- The Mental Stuff

I shared the following on Instagram today, and wanted to elaborate here.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 9.43.37 PM

Today’s#transformationtuesday is a mental one- not a physical one. I had an early appointment this morning. I have a long, full day at work, filled with deadlines and ends that need to be tied up. I have 15 coaches on my list that I need to check in with today. I have a glance into coaching group starting next week that I need to create. I have two challengers who are getting started today and need my help. A year ago, having such a full day would have caused me to do what I thought was “simplifying.” I would have skipped my workout, skipped breakfast (to save time), ran on coffee and takeout, and collapsed, tired and anxious, when it was all done. Now… I know how much more productive and pleasant I will be if I put my well being first. Clean lunch (chicken salad, blueberries, banana, Shakeo) was packed last night. Breakfast was made at home. The workout will happen the mi it’s I get home- before I open my laptop or respond to texts. Consistency is hardest, and therefore most important, on days like this.

I used to think I was doing myself favors by doing more in less time. By skipping breakfast, I could get a few more things done around the house and get to work a few minutes early. The other side of that is I would be crazy hungry and therefore have trouble concentrating on anything from 10 a.m. to noon. By skipping my workout, I was able to mindlessly decompress by watching tv. The other side of that is I would wake up anxious and antsy (yet somehow even more tired) because I didn’t take the time to move my body and get my endorphins flowing. By giving myself the short end of the stick, I felt that I could offer more to others.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m NOT saying that we should always put ourselves first- I don’t believe that- however, I am saying that self-care cannot come in last place. When we don’t love and take care of ourselves, how can we possibly help those around us? When we’re tired and run down, no one is getting our best. The people around us are getting the short end of the stick… and we end up feeling miserable.

Bottom line: If you want to give others your best, you must start by treating yourself with respect.

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