Energize- What it is and why I’m obsessed

If you follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook, you know how much I love my mysterious yellow powder every morning:


I have tried so many pre-workouts: C4, Super HD, No X-Plode, something that was in a green bottle that was recalled because it contained lead (no lie), and while I’m always all for a boost of energy, I’m not all for the effects I noticed with some pre-workouts.

Here’s the deal (for me):

Energize DOES:

  • Give me a noticeable boost within about 10 minutes of taking it
  • Give me a slight tingling in my arms and hands as it kicks in
  • Lengthen the amount of time I can work out without feeling fatigued
  • Get me talking (I’ll talk Justin’s ear off after taking it)
  • Taste really, really good- very similar to lemon-lime Gatorade

Energize DOES NOT:

  • Make me sick to my stomach
  • Make my ears/ face itch
  • Make me crash
  • Make me cranky a few hours later
  • Make me feel like I can hear colors/ see sounds (Super HD, that was fun, but I am not Bradley Cooper in Limitless, and the way I felt 45 minutes later just wasn’t worth it, not even a little bit)

Do you have a favorite pre-workout?

Want to chat about Energize? Click here and shoot me a message!


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